Have you lived to your wildest potential?

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor explorer or you’re here to take the first steps towards becoming more adventurous in the outdoors you’re in the right place.

This community is built for all comfort levels and all people looking to more fully embrace the wild in their day to day life.

  • Maybe you’ve decided life amongst concrete isn’t your jam and you want to move towards life on wheels and the freedom of a bohemian van-bound lifestyle.

  • Maybe you want some suggestions for your next trip to Yosemite and how to avoid the crushing crowds (seriously it’s like Disneyland out there)

  • Maybe you really really want to go on your first backpacking trip but you’ve never . .  yeah know . . done the #2 outside? Like where does the toilet paper even go?!?

No matter how wild your life is, everyone can benefit mentally, physically and emotionally from spending more quality time outdoors – particularly in cool natural spaces.

But what does embracing the wild even mean?

  • It means learning how to better balance modern life with our innate human connection to wild spaces.

  • It means taking on challenges that may feel intimidating to broaden your horizons and understanding of your surroundings.

  • It means making choices towards living more positively, sustainably and ultimately in a way that brings you the most joy in life.

Now I’m the first to admit that life is weird and complicated and like most things in life that are good for us its easier said than done.  But since you’ve already found me, you’ve already taken the first step towards welcoming the wild more fully into your life.

You want to feel the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair and the brush at your feet.

You crave something new exciting in different from your current life.

You’re ready to take a walk on the wild side and step out of your comfort zone.

You’re READY to embrace the wild, and I’m here to help you do that!

So who am I you ask??

My name is Amanda and I have made the choice to live in a van with my husband and my cat while we see all the splendors of the natural world (one of us more begrudgingly than the others.

Well that seems drastic – how did you get to this?

It’s a long complicated tale (a story worth fully sharing later), so I’ll try and synthesize the best I can.

All my life I have tried to make the “correct” choices. Through school, my career and throughout my life. 

I started college in 2008 with hopes of pursuing a creative field like design or architecture. But as the economy crashed I shelved those dreams for a life I thought would provide the stability that would make me happier in the long wrong.

I got a BS in Geology because I naively thought that pursuing a field focused outdoors would mean I would get to spend lots of time outside- something that has always been hugely important to me and something I knew would bring me joy.  I went on to get a MS in Soil Science and Biogeochemistry (I know it’s a mouthful) because I truly loved learning and it was kind of what you did in the science field. I then got a job working for a state science department spending 40 hours a week in what I called my brown carpeted box (others call it a cubicle).

Every choice I made was positively reaffirmed by my parents, my peers, society at large. But the dread, the anxiety, the depression continued to gnaw at me.  By the summer of 2017 my anxiety had reached a fever pitch and I could barely make it through my work days without breaking down. I hit my breaking point and came to realize that all of the choices I had made that from the outside seemed so logical and “correct”, while necessary in my journey, weren’t allowing me the joy and peace I so wanted to find in life.

Ok then what did you?

I QUIT!!! OMG Yes I quit my stable job as an environmental scientist to pursue my creative passions and to live life in a way that brought me joy. I wanted to share my love for the outdoors, for the natural sciences, for design and for life with people like me who needed something new and different from the doldrums of suburban life.  Life is truly too short to waste time working towards being happy.

Since then I’ve started two businesses (this blog and my print shop ~ shameless plug ~ ), and my husband and I  are currently in the midst of building a home in the back of our 2008 Sprinter Van (estimated completion Summer 2019).

My new life is now mostly free of the anxiety and depression of my past. In deciding to let go and embrace the wildness of life I have found a path that I enjoy travelling. And I want to share my journey with you!!

If you want to follow my journey, learn my tips tricks and secrets or just join a community of like-minded humans trying to find balance in an unbalanced world sign up below